Boost Vessel Performance

Smart Vessel Optimizer (SVO)

Optimize your fleet using data your vessels already produce. Learn best practices from the vessels that out-perform the whole fleet and see where you can improve with the underperformers. Discover hidden value throughout your maritime operation.

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Use Cases Smart Vessel Optimizer 

improve Human-Machine Interaction

Smart Field Support (SFS)

With SFS, we support anyone that operates in the field by giving them access to information, guidelines and expert knowledge at their fingertips. We combine our data analytics solutions with AR and VR technology for easy understanding and condition-based decision support

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improve Human-Machine Interaction

monitoring as a service (MAAS)

to kickstart your digital journey just purchasing a tool has proven to not be enough. With MAAS you have an experienced TechBinder engineer at your side. Making sure vital information is captured and the right stakeholder acts accordingly. With MAAS you can be assured of driving your competitive edge while you focus on business as usual

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