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Maritime Industry

The Maritime industry has huge potential looking at the possibilities new technologies bring. Governments put stronger restrictions on footprint reduction, skilled crew is hard to find and the enormous financial impact, should a ship not sail because of a failure are only a few matters digitization could be the answer to. It is in this area where both owners of TechBinder found each other. One working for a shipbuilder the other at a technology provider. Together designing a solution to answer above mentioned challenges, and more. They designed a solution for a common ship that paid for itself in one month time. We began TechBinder to repeat this success and help shipbuilders and owners get the most out of their investments.

TechBinder Industries

Process Industry

Factories are challenged on a daily base to get the most out of their assets and personnel. They need to meet strict requirements while competing against a more and more globalizing world. 

These challenges are not always easy to overcome but implementing digital tools based on data and Augmented Reality is a way to keep your competitive edge and create room for future investments. Whether it is on asset performance or factory wide implementation we know what it takes to design, build and implement the right support application for your challenges.

Process Industry TechBinder

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