This is what we do

We are proudly presenting our company TechBinder. An initiative from two guys who met during the design and implementation of an ambitious data project for a ship which resulted in remarkable insights for the builder and operator. We both saw technology grow from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘license to operate’.

As different technologies are being combined to form incredible business cases we see that it is often a painful journey getting value out of your digital investments. We help our customers to get the most out of everything digital technology can bring.

We believe that the starting point is never the technology but the functional need of our customer. With that in mind, we develop the right application and help with an effective implementation. We have made it our nature to help technology answer our customers biggest business challenges.

Meet our founders

Bram van den Boom founder at TechBinder

Bram van den Boom

Technology is at the core of all current developments. Together we can achieve better results. It is my personal goal to help our customers make that step towards a more effective, safe & efficient operation. I’m extra motivated to let technology contribute to drastically scale down our carbon footprint. A project that is helping this cause will always get my attention.

Aldwin Schroot founder at TechBinder

Aldwin Schroot

Over the course of my career I have always had an interest in Technology. After years of experience working in the maritime industry it is clear that the need for technology is growing fast. Looking at the projects I have worked on I think that the effect of well implemented new technology is underestimated by most business owners. Taking your business challenges and transforming them to the right technical solution is what drives me.

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