Currently only available for Maritime Industry

Smart Vessel Optimizer (SVO)

SVO delivers accurate information on the performance of vessels and assets in one place. This way vessel owners and builders can make better-funded decisions and improve their profit, safety and impact on the planet. On a continuous basis.

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For anyone with a technical job / challenge

Smart Field Support (SFS)

With SFS, we support anyone that operates in the field by giving them access to information, guidelines and expert knowledge at their fingertips. We combine our data analytics solutions with AR and VR technology for easy understanding and condition-based decision support

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De Paauw Bakery

TechBinder helped us implement Augmented Reality and Remote Support tools. These tools allowed junior operators to do the same work as experienced operators without having to be in the same location. Knowledge is now wider and faster available! Thanks to TechBinder we are aware of the possibilities of relatively new technologies such as Augmented Reality and we are able to overcome difficulties and reduce risks.


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